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Accredit UK

The client

Accredit UK is a quality standard designed to allow information technology (IT) businesses to prove their excellence. As IT is so diverse the target audience was split into segments according to specialism and our initial role was to produce a pack to enable the project to be piloted to network design and installation specialists in the West Midlands.

Design and development of standards accreditation pack for ICT industry

Outline of brief: Our initial task was to devise a brand style and we concluded that water would represent the brand well. Clear, fresh and pure it was an excellent fit for the brand principles identified in the information gathering process. Combined with clear typography, navigational hierarchies and the application of thorough editing and sense checking of the content, a brand emerged that reflected the clients aspirations.

From there it was a question of completing the suite of materials which would make up the accreditation in each chosen field. We devised a containment folder to keep the segments neatly ordered which also acted as the main reference resource for the accredited businesses.

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