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Balfour Beatty

The Client

Balfour Beatty Capital was originally established in 1997, following the creation of private sector investment in the UK through the UK Government’s Private Finance Initiative (PFI). Now a market leading investor in essential infrastructure assets, Balfour Beatty Capital has a broad range of infrastructure investment skills from project promotion and development through to financing, project execution and long-term asset management and operations.

Brand Guidelines

Corporate literature boxed set

Following Fathom’s design and development of the Balfour Beatty Capital brand, a prestigious boxed set of corporate literature was created for distribution to senior management staff at the annual management conference. This collection is developed and expanded with new publications on an ongoing basis.

Development of branding and communications programme

Project: We were asked to develop the client’s branding and corporate communications programme. The brief required that the branding reflected some elements of Balfour Beatty Group’s corporate branding while at the same time enabling Balfour Beatty Capital to differentiate itself from the group.

Objectives: In further discussions it emerged that each project that the client was operating or bidding for was being given its own identity. It was obvious that this was a confusing way of organising the company’s branding and a rationalisation of the branding was recommended. We also helped the client to develop key messages and content throughout the communications programme.

Method: Develop branding for parent company. Create a set of literature including HR, CSR and Our Projects brochures.

Consort Healthcare exhibition

Project: Design, develop and deliver exhibition stand for Consort Healthcare in 2 week time frame. Required to support NHS Conference at Harrogate International Centre.


Modular system with a combination of pop up and curved displays linked by bridges.

I Love my Environment pack

I Love my Environment, identity and teacher resource pack to support the launch of ‘I Love My Environment’, an initiative designed to help schools become more sustainable in their buildings, curriculum and community.

I Love my School

Capital Q Newsletters and CSR literature

Health & Safety and Zero Harm literature

Reports and updates of current projects

“I have been extremely impressed by the very high levels of service and creativity shown by Fathom. Easy to work with, their knowledge and experience has proved invaluable in helping us take significant steps forward in the development of our market leading PFI brands. I am happy to recommend them to any marketing professional searching for a creative agency that delivers what it promises.”

Victoria Jackson
Head of Marketing, Balfour Beatty Capital

Imagine conference pack and direct mail

The client required a direct mail piece to assist in the global launch of its Imagine database, an online resource showcasing innovative and leading edge practices in education design. Further to this a promotional giveaway in the form of a T-shirt and CD-ROM was also under consideration and a suitable housing was designed to contain both pieces.

North Tyneside Council Older People ‘Homes for the Future’ bid materials

Following the design of the brand identity for Balfour Beatty Capital brand, Create Homes, Fathom were asked to design and produce an engaging bid submission package including folder, dividers, CD-ROM and outer housing with the overall aim being to present the bid in a clean and consistent way throughout.

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