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Chester Cathedral

The client

Chester Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece of great history and importance, a magnificent place of worship and a much loved tourist attraction in the heart of the city. As with many large destination attractions, the cost of upkeep is enormous and one of the biggest challenges for the Cathedral is to generate enough income to maintain and service such a beautiful piece of our heritage.


ARK is Chester Cathedral’s most ambitious crowd pleaser to date, featuring over 90 World Class works of art situated throughout their glorious building – both inside and out. Advertising covered everything from press to outdoor poster site, railway ticket barriers, bus side and rear and a large social media campaign. The number of visitors for the period increased by over 50% and its success has guaranteed that planning for a second project is already underway.


Toilet Campaign

The cathedral is currently free to enter, so when it comes to the maintenance and restoration of this precious piece of history, they rely heavily on donation. The sheer number of visitors each year takes its toll on the building and none more so than the toilet facilities. We decided to have a little fun with it and created a series of light hearted poster points in each toilet highlighting their plight, to our delight it worked – the public reaction mirrored ours with the cathedral being asked if any of the posters were available to keep in return for a donation.

Alice in Wonderland

Each year the cathedral go all out to have a ‘theme’ for families to come and enjoy, encouraging their visitors to really explore the building. Alice in Wonderland and the C.S. Lewis classic ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ were two of their standout projects. Animatronics, live reindeer, holograms and some incredible set design make for a breathtaking spectacle. We created a social media campaign, outdoor media sites, radio campaign and organised city centre actors and actresses to hand out promotional material on the lead up the the launch.

Christmas Tree Festival

Supporting local charity is important to the cathedral, they nominate a different one each year and all proceeds from their highly acclaimed tree festival are duly donated. We are tasked with communicating the Festival to businesses in and around Cheshire and this simple ‘box mailer’ concept featuring a humble humbug, took it one stage further and was used to promote the whole of the Christmas period to their potential audience. As it coincided with their ‘A Christmas Carol’ exhibition trail the fit was perfect.

Lego Model Fundraiser

The Cathedral have partnered with LEGO to create a fundraising ‘buy a brick’ campaign. Members of the public are invited to sponsor a brick which is then incorporated into a magnificent model of the Cathedral. Our task was to help create a campaign that would engage with the public and raise awareness.

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