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Churchill China


Churchill can trace its history back to 1795 in the heart of the world famous potteries, Stoke-on-Trent. Since then, they have developed a long history of providing ceramics to hospitality and retail markets.

Product Literature

Whiteware – redesigning the super vitri ed product literature. Churchill Whiteware is a super vitri ed tableware product with incredibly durable qualities. It is one of the world’s strongest and most practical ceramic dinnerware products. However the product has an issue in that although it is very strong and superbly designed etc it’s added value qualities are essentially invisible until the product is in use. Because of this there are cheaper, imported products on the market that are initially tempting to business owners because of cost.


The job of this redesign is to tackle the above issue in the fol- lowing ways;
Give Whiteware a more premium look, thus justifying the higher price point when compared to some of these imports. Clearly communicate to the customers why Churchill products provide best cost in use and demonstrate to the customer what excellent value they get from a Churchill product com- pared to a cheaper imported porcelain product.
Showcase the product and bene ts in the most compelling way to potential customers – they are looking for product to enhance food presentation and ‘wow’ their customers.

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