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DMM Climbing


DMM International design and manufacture mountaineering equipment such as carabiners, camming devices, walnuts, ice axes and crampons. Formed in 1981, the company employs over 200 people in its home town of Llanberis, North Wales and sells product worldwide. DMM International products are superbly designed and the hardware is manufactured in Wales using highly advanced aluminium forging techniques. Because of this the product price point is high. Due to an influx of cheaper look alike product from companies using Eastern European and Asian manufacturers, DMM International was having its position as number 2 in the world encroached upon.

Consumer Advertising


The task was to create advertising, literature, exhibition and web communications that reinforced and more accurately reflected the company’s market position as well as heightening brand awareness and profile.

Product Catalogues and Workbooks 


Research among the end user target market showed that DMM International was held in high regard among more experienced climbers to the point where they would ask for DMM International product. Stated reasons were ‘reliable’ and ‘innovative’. However product knowledge among novice climbers was limited.

Fathom held brand positioning sessions with the client including representatives from marketing, product development and sales. These concluded that as DMM International were primarily perceived as a design led company with a reputation for innovation that a suitable positioning would be as the ‘premium’ manufacturer of climbing hardware.

This thought was reinforced by the fact that the market for climbing hardware is extremely competitive with small margin per product and premium positioning is valid justification for the higher price point of DMM International product.

Magazine Production
Identity Design


The work has enabled the client to achieve a consistent presentation of the DMM International brand across a variety of media leading to heightened brand awareness and an extremely positive response by retail, distributors, press and end users.

Exhibition Design

Client Testimonial

“When Fathom contacted me I was immediately interested in talking to them because of their obvious enthusiasm for climbing and the outdoor sector in general. Everyone in their company either climbs, skis, snowboards or even all three. This meant they were easy to talk to about technical products, understood the functions quickly and could easily communicate them. What I didn’t know then was how much their experience in branding, graphic design and advertising would help us in the repositioning of DMM International. We are delighted with the results and the positive feedback we have had from all areas of our business is testimony to the skills of Fathom.

Plus they are also a great bunch of people to work with – they work hard, deliver on their promises and I am very happy to recommend them to any marketer who is interested in getting maximum value and results from their design and advertising agency.” Chris Rowlands, Marketing Manager, DMM International


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