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Helly Hanson

The Client

The history of Helly Hansen goes back to 1877 when Norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen began producing oilskin clothing made from linen soaked in linseed oil.

Today Helly Hansen are one of the worlds lead- ing brands. Helly Hansen apparel can be seen in the high mountains, polar expeditions, extreme marine environments and of course, the apré ski bar.

Soltex Exhibition 1

Soltex (re-named ‘Slide’) is a trade only ski and snowboard show held annually in the UK. Each year Helly Hansen updated their brand platform and require a stand that not only re ects this branding but also provides enough room for face to face selling and product display. While also creating an image and environment that re ects their position as a credible, fashionable snows- ports brand.

The solution: Red square stand

A dramatic display was created with a 4m tower, designed as a focal point and also used for secure storage. The front of the stand was left open and inviting to encourage passing visitors to stop and take a look. Snowsports DVD’s and a DJ provided the entertainment while comfortable seating gave visitors a chance to take a break. The enclosed rear of the stand enabled the sales team to work in privacy.

Soltex Exhibition 2

Following the success of the previous year, Helly Hansen again appointed Fathom to create a new exhibition. The single use stand had to reflect the season’s circular theme.

The solution: Round theme

Fathom created an exhibition to capture the audience’s imagination, the main focus being the ‘conversation pit’ and the large drum above. Private selling space and product displays to the rear of the stand gave way to a lounge area with comfy sofas, drinks, DJ, plasma screens and Internet access.

Soltex Exhibition 3

Helly Hansen took up the opportunity to double the size of their exhibition stand and once again asked Fathom to design a contemporary exhibition. The same dual function rule applied, working stand with private sales rooms and attractive, stylish, entertaining space to attract and encourage healthy sales.

The solution: 11 Degrees

The stand covered a large area and it was important to gain some proportional height with a tower to focus the attention of passing visitors. Interesting spaces were created and intriguing passageways which led to the working areas of the exhibition stand. The front was left open and merchandising units were used to display products beautifully.

Showroom Interior

The brief: Due to success and expansion, Helly Hansen relocated to a more prestigious, accessible UK office/showroom.
Fathom were commissioned to design and re- t the interior to the same high standards demonstrated with the exhibition installations.

The solution:

Adhering to brand guidelines, Fathom created a bright, stylish and functional working space.
An ingenious storage system was hidden away behind the clean lines of a large display wall and presentation rooms with sliding displays provided privacy and comfort.

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