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Human Recognition Systems

The client

Human Recognition Systems (HRS) is the UK’s only consultancy and system integrator specialising in biometrics and identity management. Partnered with a number of high profile biometric vendors including: Panasonic, Sagem and L-1 to design and deliver end-to-end solutions across all biometric platforms to public and private businesses.

HRS Core markets include Aviation, Construction, Large System Integrators (including Steria, Accenture, Thales) and test markets: Nuclear & Utilities, Seaports, Police and Local Government.

Brand Development

The brief: Human Recognition System’s have a range of strong brand visuals within the business, but there are
no clear rules on usage; causing internal confusion and inconsistency. We spent time working with HRS’s staff to rationalise and develop the brand.


The brief: Security and queue management are crucial to airport efficiency and safety. Having developed the ‘MFlow’ brand, Fathom were briefed to design a suite of literature and advertising to promote this product; passenger and right-to-fly validation systems.

MFlow Advertising

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