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Martin Baker

The Client

Martin-Baker are the world leader in the design and manufacture of ejection seats and other crashworthy seats for the aviation industry.
Martin-Baker are a British, family owned company and are proud to have saved over 7,500 aircrew lives to date.

Brand Book

Although Martin-Baker are very well known within the aviation and aerospace industries, there was a perceived lack of awareness beyond this niche market.
Martin-Baker decided to raise the profile of the brand in order to educate a wider audience. This
in turn would create opportunities to bring their considerable engineering experience, craftsmanship and unquestionably high standards of quality to other products and markets.

Outline of brief: The objectives of the Brand Book were to document and explain the Martin -Baker story. And also to communicate the key messages that Martin-Baker are the leading ejection and crashworthy seat manufacturer in the world, Martin-Baker represents quality and safety, they are a British, family owned company and that Martin-Baker are prepared for the future.
Our task was to summarise the achievements of Martin-Baker to an audience that may not be aware of the company.

Our solution: Tighten the brand identity to demonstrate that Martin-Baker is a mark of quality.
Design a signature piece of literature that focuses more on the benefits rather than the features of Martin-Baker ejection seats.

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