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The Client

Ben Moon is an exceptional British rock climber, climbing at the hardest level, Ben made many notable first climbs in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Ben now concentrates on a form of climbing known as ‘bouldering’, technically and physically very challenging, a climber will climb a short but desperately dif cult stretch of rock without climbing aids.

Ben created the Moon brand to provide climbers and boulderers with casual but functional apparel and training equipment.

Brand Identity

Outline of the brief: Inspired by the culture of casual climbing and the informal nature of the sport, Moon clothing is relaxed, cool, comfortable and of course hard wearing. Fathom were asked to create a brand style, logo device, advertising and a product catalogue.

The solution: When presented with such a fantastic opportunity, Fathom wasted no time creating the concepts for the brand. Moon and climbing have so much shared terminology, it was a joy to design and develop the marketing materials needed to promote Moon clothing and equipment.

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