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The Outward Bound

The Client

The Outward Bound Trust is an amazing organisation that uses the great outdoors and fantastic locations to help young people realise their potential. Through charitable donations they educate and empower young people to become more confident, responsible and effective in their everyday life. This is such a worthwhile charity and it’s been a pleasure for Fathom to be involved with them

Brochure and direct mail

Fathom were asked to develop a new visual style for Outward Bound that will enable them to appeal to, and connect with, a younger audience and allow them to sell their product to youth groups. We also produced a similar version for Scotland, and Apprentice development marketing material.

Fundraising materials

Outline of brief: Develop a new visual style for Outward Bound’s fundraising arm that will enable them to appeal to a corporate audience. Work shown includes strategic plan and leaflet for fundraising dinner.

Welcome Pack and Fact Sheets

Outline of brief: Create a pack containing everything that students and teachers need to know before coming on an Outward Bound experience.

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