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The Client

Pillar are a subsidiary of Langley Holdings, a global engineering business. Comprising of three other divisions; Claudius Group, Aro Group and ‘Other Businesses’. Privately owned, Langley provide capital equipment technologies throughout the world.

Advertising Campaign

The project: Piller design, manufacture and install UPS (Uninterruptable power supply) systems. Wherever uninterrupted power supply is critical to the smooth, efficient running of a business, Piller have the complete solution. Market leaders around the world, Piller ensure clean uninterrupted power for industry, data centres, healthcare, ground power and military applications.

We developed the campaign; Power to perform, protect, produce, process etc., which clearly illustrates the link between features and benefits in an easily understandable way.

Product Literature

Following the advertising campaign, Fathom were given the opportunity to extend the campaign into product literature where the messages would enhance the more technical content. This simple technique acts as reminder of why the product is as good as it is. We also developed Langley Holdings annual report and Claudius Peters advertising.

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