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The Client

Probably the best known and much loved bicycle brands in the world. With over 125 years in the industry, Raleigh have been producing bikes that we all know and love, from the Chopper and Grifter to Tour de France winning bikes.

Exhibition Concepts

The Brief: Fathom were asked to submit concepts as a pitch for the cycle show exhibition. Both for Raleigh and also one of their brands, Diamondback.

Raleigh had a dominant position within the exhibition hall and required a visually stunning stand to display their bicycles. Our concept included display areas, meeting and hospitality spaces and also allowed visitors easy access from any direction.

The Diamondback concept had a more intimate feel with impressive full wall images to set the scene and act as a perfect backdrop to show off the products

Moa Advertising Concepts

We were also asked to devise some concepts for the MOA brand, a range of cycling clothing manufactured near Milan in Italy. These highly technical products were developed to meet the needs of the highest level cyclists in the world. You need only take a look at ProTour cyclists to see how popular they are.

Advertising Concepts

As part of the creative pitch, we were also asked to make suggestions for Raleigh team and race bikes and also a mountain bike brand called Outland.

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