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Sprayway are a manufacturer of premium outdoor clothing and accessories.Their customer base ranges from family trekkers to professional outdoor specialists. As specialists in the outdoor sector, Fathom were asked to develop an advertising campaign and point of purchase marketing kits for Sprayway.

The Project

Advertising and P.O.S. campaign Sprayway produce a range of clothing manufactured using recycled products such as plastic and also environmentally sustainable materials like bamboo. This isn’t necessarily well known, therefore, our brief was to devise a campaign that would enthuse customers who are naturally environmentally conscious.

The Solution

Fathom were amazed to discover the materials used in the Sprayway product range and we thought others would be too. Fun action images and easily understood technical information work well with a simple questioning headline.

Advertising campaign to promote Bamboo fabric products

P.O.S. kit and product labels

Advertising campaign to promote GORE-TEX® fabric products

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