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The Vegetarian Society

The Client

The Vegetarian Society promotes vegetarianism, supports people wishing to adopt a vegetarian diet and works closely with businesses and government agencies to enable people to adopt a sustainable, healthy diet and lifestyle. Established in 1847, it’s the oldest vegetarian organisation in the world and relies on member- ship subscriptions and donations to enable it to carry on the work.

National Vegetarian Week

National Vegetarian Week is the UK’s main awareness raising campaign for vegetarianism, initiated by The Vegetarian Society.

Outline of the brief: Fathom were commissioned to create a campaign to promote National Vegetarian Week, an annual campaign run by The Vegetarian Society to encourage people to give vegetarian food a try.

We recognised that the promotion of vegetarianism can sometimes be perceived as a bit worthy and right on, so we devised a creative solution that is fun and inclusive with a positive message about trying vegetarian food for a change.

Each year the campaign consisted of a series of press adverts, posters and leaflets.

“Using ordinary vegetarians, rather than professional models, made a real difference to us. The fact that Fathom used three of our own staff members has also created a high level of interest in the campaign throughout the Society. We’ve really enjoyed the creative process with Fathom, the ideas owed very well between both teams.”

The Vegetarian Society, Head of Communications, Liz O’Neill.

Feed your head campaign

Veggie Invaders

Outline of the brief: Fathom were asked to create an on-line game that would encourage people to come back to the Vegetarian Society’s web- site again and again. The arcade game ‘Space Invaders’ was chosen as a popular format and then re-skinned with our own distinct graphic style to create this fun addition to the site.

Promotional Postcards

Kids Cook Book

Campaign to promote active kids by ‘Getting your pulse racing’

Campaign to raise awareness of the environmental issues regarding meat production

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